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It’s a warm night for May…. overhead gorgeous sky teems with color, Mother Nature’s artistry I only dream of reproducing. I’ve been outside all afternoon, since finishing work on this 145th day of school. My second graders are wrapping up the year, thinking first of the weekend with its baseball games  and First Holy Communions, and further then, to summer’s dreamy days.  

In the garden Hyacinths pop with bubble gum color, vying for space between creamy daffodils and lacy green poppy leaves. The lawn is a crush carpet, so thick you can’t see your toes. Tree bones get dressed, finally, shaking off winter’s grays for lacy gold leaves, unfolding and turning to green.

In my studio there have been many changes too. I have worked these last eight months with the motto: Slow and Steady Wins…. but it has not always been easy. My job is necessary to pay the bills but my art is never far from my thoughts and dreams. Last fall as I waded through a new school year in a new grade, I began thinking very hard about what I wanted to do with my quilting. No longer did I want the art to come second to everything else in my life… I wanted to acknowledge it as something of value, with equal right to my time and efforts. I set some goals, and then in January I opened a shop on Etsy: ColorWheel ArtQuilts. 

So this has been a great winter for me :-). I have completed more work using my nights and Saturdays than the past two summers combined. I have submitted pieces in three juried shows, and I will be displaying my quilts in my own show at a local venue this September.

I have learned to take myself seriously, to be persistent and to follow through on my plans and goals even if it meant 10 minutes on a Wednesday night to answer a post on my quilt group critique blog. 

I expect to see more of you, write more for you and share more of my journey… particularly as summer slides into place here in the Northeast and I am once again the Summer Quilt Girl. Right now, thanks so much for sticking with me, but it’s time for me to get into my studio. After all, another Friday night is here…

Happy creating!


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