Patience…. and Perseverance

Saco River

Good morning 🙂

What happened to yesterday’s post is anyone’s guess. But once again let me explain: here I am, on the beautiful Saco River in Northern NH for my favorite camping trip of the year. Yes, I’ve brought along everything I need – my family, a good book, sunscreen – and of course… my quilting supplies.

Yesterday I was writing about my frustration level, and how the idea of something is sometimes better in your head than the reality. Lately, I have been experiencing this phenomenon with regard to my quilts. But since that post mysteriously vanished I have been thinking, and I would like to write about patience instead.

I am watching the river flow by my picnic table right now…  the water color is gorgeous this early in the day: mossy greens and shimmery golds and deep, mahogany shadows along the steeper banks below the trees,  all of it flickering with cerulean blues and teals (yes teal, like Miami) where the morning sky reflects over rocks and silt. It’s remarkably easy to get lost in the moment watching, and yet very difficult to reproduce on paper, film or fabric. The river is at her best this way, when she’s moving with unhurried purpose in the direction she’s chosen.

It’s still early yet, but I know over the course of the next few hours I will see many kayaks, canoes and tubes float by. A day’s worth of vacationers enjoying the river. Working people, taking a break midweek, perhaps. One or two, maybe, who make it a life’s goal to journey with the river everyday? My creative soul likes to imagine that. It would take more than patience… perhaps perseverance is a more likely word.

How does that relate to me… and my quilts? I think you must know the answer. How do patience and perseverance play out in any endeavor? If I stop obsessing in the moment and look at the big picture, I am a lot further along in my goals than a year ago. I am miles removed from the not-so-creative place where I started.

Patience and perseverance… moving with unhurried purpose in the direction I’ve chosen. 🙂

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