Of Beautiful Things

Scooby, two weeks before his passing.

There’s a lot of life out there, if you look for it. This is what I had been telling myself pretty consistently a couple of summers back. Why the need for reminders of this fact, you ask?

Well, 2013 had not been that fantastic of a summer. My husband lost his job, among other things. But the worst day by far was August 7th, when I said goodbye to my beautiful Maine Coon Cat, Scooby… friend, quilting partner, conversationalist, moth-hunter extraordinaire. He was 14. He died of complications from 2 chronic diseases which he fought against valiantly, right up until the end. His passing broke my heart.

While I thought I would not recover, life continued on. About 2 weeks after Scooby’s passing I chanced to listen to my local radio station as they were introducing a black and white rescue kitty from the local shelter. He sounded cute, so I thought I’d look for a photo. I was so sure I’d never want another cat, but I recall thinking there was no commitment in looking…. unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your outlook) the cat’s bio was mysteriously missing from both the radio and the shelter websites. What I did find instead was another black and white kitty, a fellow named Gordon. His tag line read: A handsome young man who thinks he’s a person….

I remember melting into tears. Everybody who knew Scooby understood he was a person in a furry coat. Why did Gordon come up on the shelter site, with his description, when I hadn’t even been looking for him – or for ANY cat for that matter. Something about the way the whole thing played out felt…. neatly orchestrated. I began to think a certain Maine Coon kitty angel was directing me. I resolved to visit the shelter and check out Gordon in person.

Gordo, AKA Loafie, doing what naughty kitties do.

Now, coming up on 3 years later I have a new friend and quilting partner. Gordo – or Loafie, as he is affectionately known around here – is his own little self. Stubborn, loyal, naughty, affectionate, athletic, and very, very vocal – he is  an integral part of the life of everyone who comes to this cape house I call home. Though I thought I’d never have another kitty after Scooby, I can’t imagine my life without Gordo today. Life always goes on, and beautiful things will happen if you let them.

If you’re of a mind to hear more stories of feline naughtiness, follow Gordo’s adventures at my other blog: https://walkingloafie.wordpress.com

As for  my first best friend, Scooby, he makes his appearances now and again. I sometimes catch the sound of his trademark Coon trill from under the red maple tree where he sleeps… and every so often Gordo will completely freak when walking by the quilt room late at night.

Gotcha! Says Angel Scooby. It’s still my house, dontcha know…

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