Bio & Artist Statement


Sharyn Raiche is an artist, writer and an educator  with strong ties to coastal New England. In 1988 she received her BA in painting from Bridgewater State University. After the births of her daughters, she began working in fabric and her love affair with fiber art began.

Raiche has exhibited across the Northeast, including shows at the Fuller Museum of Craft, the Lowell Quilt Festival, Plymouth Guild for the Arts, World Quilt Show in Manchester, NH and Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, NY. In 2013 her series, The 66 Day Quilt Odyssey, was featured in a solo show at the Pembroke Public Library. In 2007 Raiche received her Masters in Education. She teaches first grade and lives with her husband and two daughters in Southeastern MA.

Artist Statement

I think of my creativity as a second language; one I am becoming more fluent in as I express what I see and how I feel about the world around me. I am interested in creating emotion and movement in my quilts through the use of lines, texture and color. I work from my own drawings and photographs. Often my work develops from a fleeting memory or feeling of a particular place and time.

My most recent work has been about creating urban scenes of color and movement. I am exploring how  light and dark color plays off one and other, and in the way I can develop an impressionist effect utilizing many tiny sections within the larger quilt. I cut the fabric into strips and then build the blocks by piecing and cross-cutting several times, until the strips become quite complex.  I work with a loose idea in my head, and build each quilt on the design wall as I go, making changes until I like the result.